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Head honcho. what more can I say

Dr Julianne Grant

Veterinarian (BVSc)

Julie has been a resident in this fine city since moving here from Camden with a young family following her husband's work in 1997. She started a mobile practice to be able to fit in with the family committments. There were many rushed trips back from Bathurst after doing surgery at Stewart St Vets to get back to pick the kids up from School.

The mobile practice grew so much a decision needed to be made whether to close it down or open a full practice in Lithgow. After much research and trepidation a position was found and the Bowenfels Vet Clinic came into being on 31/5/2004. We have grown from a 1 vet, 2 nurse practice to where we are today. Our first and foremost priority is the welfare of the animals followed by the emotional concerns of the owner but these never override the well being of the staff at the Bowenfels Vet Clinic

Julie has 3 children. Lachlan, Cameron and Rowena. None of them decided to follow in Mums footsteps. Must have been scared off after years of traipsing around with mum! Lachlan is a mining engineer, Cameron is a doctor and Rowie is the Student communications and Engagement Manager at the University of Salford in Manchester UK.


Dr. Nikki Allison

Veterinarian (BVCs )

Dr. Nikki has been with us since 2017 and is a lovely asset to our team of vets. Nikki has worked as a vet in England and was employed by the royals to tend the animals on one of their estates. Nikki has a son named James and a very old handsome cat named Harley. Nikki is here in the clinic for consultations on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings for consultations.

Louise Flynn

Veterinary Nurse (VN Cert 3)

Louise has been a part of the team since the opening day of the Bowenfels Vet Clinic. Louise grew up in the area and is a caring and friendly person and an excellent nurse. She keeps the staff in line and the boss sane. Louise came on board as a 16yo work experience student fresh out  of Year 10 with a passion for veterinary nursing. Louise has grown with the practice and I don't know what we would do if she wasn't here. Louise married her life partner Mitch Flynn in October 2011 and has settled in Portand. She now has 3 strapping young boys, Harry, Zach and Jimmy and is very much enjoying motherhood, now spending more time at home with her boys. You'll catch Lou's friendly face at the front desk of a Wednesday and the occasional Saturday morning. 


Lashay Chew

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing)

Lashay has been with us since October 2012 and is a qualified nurse, completeing a traineeship though us when she fist started. Lashay grew up in the area and moved away with her mum for some time. Lashay has a Great Dane- Ruby and a French Bulldog- Dex to keep her company whilst she is not at work at the clinic. As much as she would like Julie will not let her take home anymore animals from the clinic!!!!

Lashay has always had a deep passion for all animals and has always known the animal care industry was where she was meant to be. Lashay is in Mon - Friday and the occasional Saturday morning. 

Rachel Hopkins

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing )

Rachel has been with us since January 2014 and is Lithgow born and bred. She has 2 dogs Bobby and Luna. She has completed her certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and is currently studying a bachelor of Veterinary Technology at Bathurst CSU. Rach has a passion for all animals and they're health and wellbeing. She is one of out full-time nurses and here in the clinic caring for your much loves fur babies Monday-Friday and some Saturdays.

Cassie Houston

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing )

Cassie started with us in November 2017 and has completed her Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing and is now studying Veterinary Technology at CSU. Cassie is another of our staff members born and bred in Lithgow, she is the baby of the clinic family and has just brought her first home. She has 2 cats, Milo and Saber and 2 labs, Marge and Homer. Cassie is here Monday - Friday and some Saturday mornings.     

Maddy George

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Vet Nursing )

Maddy is the newest member of our wonderful team, she came to us in March 2019 for a 2 week work experience block and we all liked her so much we thought we just might keep her. Maddy is a qualified nurse, completing her cert IV in nursing not long after starting with us. She is also studying a bachelor of Veterinary Technology at Bathurst CSU. Maddy travels from Bathurst to work with us and your much loved furry family members 4 days a week... Now that's commitment! She has a doberman named Leo and a cat named Nim. Maddy has had a passion for animals from a young age, participating in agriculture classes throughout a lot for her school life. Helping and caring for animals is what Maddy does best!


Clinic Cat (Pest )

Tom is one of our much loved clinic cat....most of the time. Tom just loves to go out of his way to push everyones buttons. He enjoys standing in the way of boisterous patients that are trying to eat him and swiping them if they get too close, finding a hiding place close to the door and trying to run out when someone opens it, finding unattended glasses of water or tea to sip from and his personal favourite, using his paw to scoop his water out and all over the floor. You may find him sunbaking in the waiting room throughout the day or sitting on the front desk waiting for a chat and pat.

Micheal Angelo (Mikey)

Animal Care Taker (Cert IV in Menacing )

Joey's apprentice/side kick. Always up for a game of tug-of-war 

Lolita (Lollie)

Kennel Hand (Cert IV in Yapping )

Lollie the alarm system 


Kennel Hand (Security)

Joey is head of security. He watches over everything and everyone. 

What more is there to say.....

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